School stories

This section acts as a central catalogue of group school projects on road safety and sustainable mobility. Discover the incredible initiatives already launched by secondary school pupils from all over the world as part of the international competition Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, and draw inspiration from them to dream up your own project. You can search for them by country and date, and also check out those selected by the panel as finalists and winners.

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Every morning and afternoon at New Horizon College, we usually face risk related to high traffic. As the need for Safety team, we came up with a solution.

New Horizon College

Distractions on the road

Many road accidents are caused by distractions that can easily be avoided. By eliminating unnecessary distractions many needless road deaths can be avoided. 

Eunice Girls High

Save our People, Save our Children

This campaign takes a look at the challenges faced regarding public transport and, more specifically, the use of minibus taxis. This mode of transport puts people’s lives in danger and it impacts on learners lives too.


Technology, global warming and greenhouse gases

Our presentation looks at the problems that arise from urbanization and how technology plays a part in global warming from cars and greenhouse gases.


Durban Girls' High School - Road Safety Awareness

Durban Girls' High School is situated in Durban, in a busy urban area. We, the Representative Council of Learners Executive Committee, value the safety of all 1,200 learners at our school; this project is aimed at helping them and others stay safe.