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It's obvious that in today's society, road safety is a huge issue both for drivers and for pedestrians. Car crashes that happen in Turkey are mostly due to the use of technology while driving or walking. These are the risky and irresponsible behaviors which we should avoid. Our project covers both sides of the story and tries to raise awareness of road safety, first in our community and later globally.

The ideas

To collect the most accurate data, we met with road safety authorities. However, in our project we wanted our presented claims to be supported by facts and statistics. We tried reaching medical records to figure out which rule is violated more. Moreover, we scanned statistic web pages which are credible to have basic knowledge. This way, first we had a general and basic information about our topic, then went deeper with the issue by meeting professionals and getting some informations that might convince the audience of our project by supporting our ideas.

After our research we decided to focus on how it’s dangerous for a  pedestrian, while crossing the street, to use earphones and also for drivers to look at their phones while driving.

The initiatives

Our main goal is to raise awareness firstly in the community that we live in and later around the whole world because to us, this topic is crucial not only for our society but for every single country. We gave it a thought and the most reasonable option seemed like creating a film about road safety. However this film isn’t a regular public service ad, it will be creative and along with it, it will also point out what the drivers, passengers and pedestrians should and should not do. Especially when it comes to driving, people have to be very careful and responsible regardless of them being a pedestrian or driver; which is why we’ll have both point of views presented in our film. Also, we included a metaphor throughout our video by not adding audio to it. This way the area intended to raise awareness is not narrowed down due to the language used and the audience is extended. 

Another advantage of creating a video is it being easy to share so it will serve our intention of our project being international by sharıng it on YouTube. Since we shared it online, through Youtube we got several feedbacks. Some supported our idea and how we aimed for a global video which makes its audience realize the importance of road safety, risky behaviors, responsible behaviors and safe streets; which made us proud since it also concluded that we did reach our audience to a great extent.

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