"Use celphone while driving"

"Use celphone while driving"


This project focused on creating awareness about the dangers of using your phone while driving. We delivered the message by creating a wordless comic strip that could be understood by everyone, regardless of the language they spoke.

The ideas

More than 40% of car accidents in Mexico are caused by people using their phones while driving. Through our project, we decided to throw some light on this subject. We think that by creating awareness among people about the dangers of driving while on the phone, we can successfully reduce the number of accidents.
We wanted to be informed so we decided to first do some research on road safety. In order to know more about road safety measures, we collected information from various sources like the public safety commission; we read many online articles and we watched many educational videos on the subject. We conducted two different types of interviews; the first one was used to get information on the subject and the second was used to get to know other people’s views on the subject.

The initiatives

We looked for ways to spread awareness among a large number of people; the best way to do that was by creating a dialogue-free comic strip that could target a large audience and move beyond any language barriers. After making the comic strip, we thought that the best way to begin our awareness campaign was by starting with the school and then with our city.
We put the comic strip up around the school and explained to everyone its purpose. We answered all their questions and we encouraged everyone to spread awareness on the topic. After receiving a positive response from students, we conducted a survey in the city, asking people where they thought would be a good place to display our comic strips. We also talked to some drivers we met. The interviews went pretty well, although in the beginning many people disagreed with us. Initially, they didn't care about the problem but after we talked to them they changed their minds. We were glad to see how willingly most people participated in the interviews. All the interviews were combined to form a video which was uploaded on YouTube so as to share them with a larger audience. We collected and presented the results to our classmates and teachers.
We created a campaign to prevent car accidents and we went around the city promoting our project. The vast majority of people liked our campaign. They told us some stories about friends that had been in accidents caused by people using their phones while driving. The point of our campaign was to make people understand that this behavior has to stop, not only for other people’s safety but also for their own.