"Tu Bici, Mi Bici" - Your Bike, Mi Bike

"Tu Bici, Mi Bici" - Your Bike, Mi Bike

Escuela Goethe Rosario

Our project identified key road safety facts in our city, with the final goal of improving an automated public bike rental system by creating indicators, maps and recommendations to achieve more efficient communication between cyclists and drivers.

The ideas

The group identified some flaws in Rosario’s automated public bike rental system and noticed some bad habits cyclists have when accessing certain stations. We discussed how to communicate and spread recommendations regarding the use and circulation of bikes within the urban centre of Rosario.

The initiatives

We invited members from the local government to discuss our project focusing on cyclists’ safety. We created leaflets, which included maps, showing the right way to access the stations. We added advice not only for cyclists’ road safety but also included the obligations of cyclists regarding driving and circulation. We also discussed the lack of information drivers have about cyclists (circulation, signs and regulations, etcetera) and committed to the creation of signposts from our proposal.

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