Transportation system in Leon City

Transportation system in Leon City


Our city has grown rapidly in the last ten years; this growth has brought benefits and facilities for everyone, but also a lot of traffic problems. The transportation system has become a problem because stations have added to the traffic.

The ideas

Our school is one of the biggest in the city and arrival and departure from it has become a nightmare because of the number of cars along the big avenue where the school is located. Months ago, we were notified that a public transportation station was going to built just in front of the school; this meant that circulation on the avenue would go from the three lanes to two. As the number of cars increases every year, we basically decided to investigate what our school community thought about the station and the loss of one lane for circulation, what would be the advantages and disadvantages.
It was difficult for us to understand why the government decided to build this station on one of the avenues that has traffic jams most of the time.

The initiatives

There is not too much to do once the government decision is made but what we have done is to hand out flyers notifying people that the station will be built in front of our school. We mentioned some basic topics in posters set around the school:
* take your time to commute; wake up earlier
* be calm and drive carefully
* try weekly car-sharing so there will be less cars circulating
* if possible, use the bus and leave your car at home