Tous mobilisés pour la sécurité routière

Tous mobilisés pour la sécurité routière


Dans le cadre du concours organisé par le groupe Renault, l’école Al Madina site Polo a organisé une journée de sensibilisation à la sécurité routière, dont l’objectif était de développer les qualités requises pour être un bon citoyen du monde.

The ideas

According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, roads harness the lives of nearly 1.3 people around the world, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The organization sees road accidents as the second largest cause of death in the world. That is why it has been decisive for us to reveal the reasons and the risks of road accidents and to adopt urgent and effective strategies, the objective being to promote an in-depth awareness of all parts of the world society in different ways and languages to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property caused by such incidents.

Under the theme « Your life is not a game », Al Madina school site Polo launched a sensibilization campaign about the National Road Safety Day. An event that prompted all the school community to take part in a project that involves different and various ludic activities, workshops that tackle the creation, design as well as the realization of products in various subjects. Those products took the shape of same awareness digital panels, maquettes, school radios, plays artistic painting and static products on traffic signs.
All those elements were concretized by a circuit with the participation of professors, students, qualified partners in this domain and some national police’s members.

The initiatives

This sensibilization campaign started with some projections workshop and debates on the importance of road safety education. At the same time, other classes were working on graphic designs that were distributed to parents who came with their children and some road users nearby the school.

The objective of all these accomplishments was to give birth to a magnitude project which is a simulation of a road circuit. The aim of the latter is to develop our learners’ understanding of the traffic code so as to become responsible citizens.

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