Today's Students - Tomorrow's Drivers

Today's Students - Tomorrow's Drivers


The main aim of our project is to raise young people’s awareness regarding the importance of preparing for being responsible young drivers by knowing road signs.

The ideas

The 16 students in the 11th C grade at Liceul Tehnologic Meserii si Servicii high school in Buzau, Romania, started working together on their project ‘Today’s Students: Tomorrow’s Drivers’. They first thought about the things they could do to reduce the number of car accidents in their town. They came up with some ideas such as spots in the ground on zebra crossings, more speed bumps near to zebra crossings, etc. One of the students thought that knowing road signs is essential to safe driving.

The initiatives

The starting point of their project was a survey related to their wish to become drivers. The findings were: all of them wanted to get the driving licence. 2 of them are already 18-years-old and they can get it. One of them knew less than 5 road signs and the others knew less than 10. They decided that the first step in becoming good drivers is learning what road signs mean.

Based on their findings, the students decided that they must know the road signs and they applied the concept ‘Learning by doing’. Each of them drew a road sign and presented it to the whole class. After that, they created an exhibition in which they displayed their work for the other high school students. Their plan is to draw and learn 16 new road signs every month. They want to be a good example for all the high school students who want to get their driving licence.

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