Technological High School

Technological High School

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Mopeds are a popular way to get around in Romania, especially among young people - but using them means taking into account some special road safety issues.

The ideas

Mopeds account for 34% of vehicles on European roads, and Romania is no exception. Students at the Technological High School of Lupeni in Romania wanted to create an initiative that would address the risks and safety issues that are especially important to their fellow students who drive mopeds. The defined several factors as key sources of accidents: driving mopeds without having obtained a driving license; the driving inexperience of youth; not keeping a safe distance away from the car ahead; and speeding and losing control of the vehicle.

The students brainstormed ideas on how to improve the road safety situation for moped drivers at their school, and decided that the best route would be to get everyone in the community informed and involved. They made a plan that put different communication methods into effect to reach the maximum number of people.

The initiatives

The class decided to act by organizing lectures with local teenagers and teachers from their school to explain the traffic laws related to mopeds. They would also organize round table debates involving the police, local community representatives and young people from the town to analyze the causes of frequent moped accidents. Finally, they would publish brochures, as well as articles in their school magazine, with the latest news and information about road safety for mopeds to be distributed among young people aged 16-25.

In the future, the students plan to convince the local authorities that it is necessary to better highlight the access roads to all of the schools in the community in order to prevent accidents. The students themselves will offer to work on a voluntary basis during the summer to achieve this aim. They’ve already got this future campaign slogan clear: Mark a road, save a life.

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