TEAM L.U.X. - Learn. Understand. Xemplify

TEAM L.U.X. - Learn. Understand. Xemplify


We are high school students. Our team is called "Team L.U.X." which stands for Learn, Understand and Xemplify. Together we worked on various activities in our community and school based on 'Road Safety' and 'Responsible Driving Conduct'.

The ideas

This project started when our school got an invitation from Groupe Renault to participate in “Your Ideas Your Initiatives.” After that, our teacher made an open invitation to the students. Those of us who were interested in joining the project attended a meeting. We then made a list of the members and we created a WhatsApp group (messenger application) to maintain communication during the process.
In our first meeting, we analyzed problems in our city and school and discussed what we observed in our community, such as car crashes and pedestrians being run down. These incidents were often due to factors such as: cell phone use, lack of seat belt use, alcohol consumption, and disobedience of regulatory signs in our community. In our school, we observed conduct that was blocking and jeopardizing the fluency of our “carpool carousel” from traffic outside the school.
After our analysis, we came to the conclusion that there was a lack of road safety education.
We convened a second meeting where we decided what actions we would take to create road awareness related to our chosen topics.

The initiatives

We agreed to create social media websites in our community because we thought this would be a good way to get people of all ages involved, since we are all part of this as drivers or pedestrians.

On these social media websites we would post images, advice/tips, videos and news about transit accidents and safety. We planned our first video and uploaded it on Youtube. In it, we shared some travel advice for the next holiday period. After that, we created social media pages on Facebook and Fanpage and a Youtube channel. The teacher, with our collaboration and help, administrated these pages.

We also asked support from the Federal Police, an institution in charge of law enforcement and road safety in Mexico. They instructed us on road safety and with that information we designed flyers that we distributed on the outskirts of the city to drivers. Also, through local television, we did an interview on a local newscast for young people in our community; in this way we were able to reach more people by sharing our project and our actions. At school, we had two initiatives; one was a telephone directory that parents could consult it if they wanted to carpool with other people from the school; in this way traffic would be reduced.

Our final initiative also took place at our school, during departure time at the carpool carousel, when parents form a line to pick up their kids. We had observed the dangerous conduct that occurs when parents don’t respect the rules established for the carousel. To counteract this, we made a campaign with posters, which we created, containing phrases that parents could see so they would think about their behavior at the carousel. Our last step was to collect all of our observations to elaborate the material we would send at the end of the project.

We came to the conclusion that most road accidents happen because many people don’t have road safety education. These days, people who are not educated enough on how to drive safely are on the road. They are not responsible enough and they ignore the rules of the road and safety recommendations. Doing this puts everyone in danger, both drivers and pedestrians.
This campaign helped us raise awareness in our families, schools, community and in ourselves about what we’re not doing right; and about safe behaviors that reduce the risk of suffering a fatal accident.
We would like to continue the work of these initiatives beyond our participation in this contest, so we can keep raising awareness in our local and school community.