The Seriousness of Illegal Lane Change

Shenzhen Senior High School

With the desire of making people's commute and travel safer, above all in the era of population boomed and on roads filled with congestion, our group decided to deal with the problems of bad driving habits. Thus, we did the survey to find the issues, as well as make games and short stop-motion Video to warn the people and awaken their awareness of the consequently effects of the illegal lane-changing behavior.

The ideas

With the development of cities, the number of private cars has risen rapidly, especially in the city where we live, Shenzhen. By 2020, the number of private cars will reach 3.5 million (data from Shenzhen Evening News). The problems caused by this phenomenon is that roads will become more congested and traffic accidents will become easier to happen. Large part of the accidents is caused by bad driving habits. The behavior of illegal lane change (such as change more than 1 lane at a time) can cause serious accidents because other car drivers cannot react immediately. We want to make people's commute and travel safer and awaken people's awareness of this kind of accidents. 

Before we started the activities, we first conducted an online survey in our community and we collected 20 answers. All surveyed have seen illegal change lane: 53% said usually, 37% said often and 10% said seldom. 53% of the people said they knew and were familiar with the punishment standards for illegal lane change while 42% said they had the information but they forgot it. Our results illustrate this is a problem and we decided to create a game and video to raise awareness.

The initiatives

To deal with this problem, we made a game and a stop-motion video to awaken people’s awareness of this kind of accidents. We published these materials on the internet (In Bilibili, Tiktok, WeSee (Links are in the "Related Link" Section)) and shared our video in our community (Most are our parents and classmates). 

The purpose of creating a stop-motion video using the toy car crash scene is to create a revivification of the actual car crush. By showing the epitome of the real car crush, we want to elicit the feeling of fearing the car crush, which can lead to the well behaving in people's reality.

The game is made of a simulated road scene. The first level is designed to be simple. Other cars will move normally without changing lane and the player’s car can change lane. If a player’s car hits another car or moves on the real line (opposite to dash line, real line means you cannot change lane in our country), the game will pop up the word "failure" and increase the number of [deaths]. This level is designed to tell player to obey the traffic rules, that we cannot change lane when there is a real line. The second level's scene is the same. However, other cars in this level will change the lane randomly and massively. The design purpose of this level is that it is so difficult that you can hardly pass it and it can tell players how bad the situation will be if everybody is changing lanes. If the numbers of death is bigger than 5, warning messages will display to tell people how to correctly change the lane.

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