Şcoala Gimnazială ”I.G.Duca” Petroşani

Şcoala Gimnazială ”I.G.Duca” Petroşani


We all learn best when education is dynamic, and this is true for any subject - including road safety! The students at Şcoala Gimnaziala I.G. Duca Petrosani kept this in mind when they planned their initiative.

The ideas

The students from class 7F at Şcoala Gimnaziala I.G. Duca Petrosani in Romania wanted to do something to help other children to keep safe when they are going to and from school, playing in their neighborhood, crossing the street...all the time! They knew it would be important to share practical tips and information with the kids, but they also knew that their action would have to be exciting enough to get attention and make people listen to the messages.

That’s why they designed their campaign in two parts!

The initiatives

For the first part, the students worked together to create an attractive and informative flyer that they distributed around the school and the community. The flyer focused on the risks that go along with being a pedestrian – especially for children – and how drivers can reduce that danger by being responsible behind the wheel. It also addressed parents with the important message that road safety begins at home.

For the second part, the students decided to really capture attention while sharing their road safety messages. They have organized a flashmob, where each person will carry a poster with a different message on it. Although the flashmob has been slightly delayed due to dangerous weather conditions, as soon as the severe cold passes they will head out to the street! They will take the opportunity to hand out their great flyer in person to the drivers of passing cars, making the messages even more powerful.

All in all, they’ve created an important initiative that can’t be ignored!

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