Save Yourself, Save the Others

Save Yourself, Save the Others


Students from ‘Nesho Bonchev’ High School joined clubs and organisations in the Panagyurishte district to promote the motto ‘Save Yourself, Save the Others’. Together they organised a variety of initiatives in order to reduce traffic victims on ther.

The ideas

Our project aims to enable students and the community to take action and raise awareness in a creative way on the importance of road safety for a better environment. Following the basic principle ‘Think and Act’, students tried to promote responsible behaviour through our ideas and initiatives. We started working together in two teams on the following topics: Responsible and Risky Behaviour, Safe Roads and Safety for All.

Describing the major issues related to safety on the road and mobility in Panagyurishte Municipality after interviewing citizens and drivers. Acquainting with the resources, designing posters that showed the basic problems in the town and involving non-governmental organisations.

• Responsible and Risky Behaviour - Since a European project started in order to improve the infrastructure of our town (changing the sewage system), all of us are familiar with the dangerous situation in Panagyurishte. Every school day students are reminded in the last five minutes of class to watch out when walking near to potholes on their way home. The whole school staff takes responsible actions every school day. A volunteer duty patrol has been appointed to control the risky situation around the school. Watch the film!
• Road Safety - Let’s reduce accidents on the road and minimise risk factors! Discussing the road problems with parents, taking part in a Flashmob, BYRC demonstrations and policemen’s lectures. Consequently, involving parents in the activities helps to make a change. Movement is very difficult for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. That is what all road users were advised in the initiatives ‘Christmas on Wheels’ and ‘Give a Heart, Give a Martenitsa!’

• Safety for All – Creating a Facebook page and two presentations ‘Green Transport’ and ‘If you want to be prepared, you must be informed!’

The initiatives

The following initiatives are described in the attached related film ‘Save Yourself, Save the Others’:
* 365 + Acts of Kindness – Some kindness events regarding ’Safety for All’ are presented on our Facebook page, where people from all over the world are taking part and exchanging ideas;
* Interact Club – A Flashmob against crazy drivers on the road;
* BYRC Bulgarian Youthful Red Cross – A first aid demonstration given in the school yard in case of a road accident;
* The Youthful Parliament of Panagyurishte Municipality – Members of the Youthful Parliament and students from ‘Nesho Bonchev’ High School together listened to the policemen’s lecture, who came to the school yard and presented some traffic signs and discussed our risky behaviour on the road;
* The Stork’s Nest newspaper – articles about our initiatives and friendly advice to young drivers;
* Other web and paper-based media – presented our ideas and initiatives to promote safe behaviour on the road;
* October/November – A school exhibition;
* 17 November – A Remembrance Day for victims on the road. Open-air event with candle lighting, articles in the media;
* TV advert;
* December – The Pros and Cons of Riding a Bike, writing competition;
* 20 December – Christmas on Wheels;
* January – Distributing the presentation about young drivers in five primary schools and five kindergartens;
* February – A Street Parade, light a candle;
* Street school duty patrol in front of the school especially during the long break and after school periods;
* March – A Campaign ‘Give a Heart, Give a Martenitsa’ with a message on the card: Give health and happiness to people around you;
* April – Recapitulation
• A remembrance day – Light a candle
• Leaflets
• Video clips
• Everyday lessons in five minutes
• Presentations about young drivers ‘If you want to be prepared, you must be informed!’
• TV advertisement
• A film ‘Save Yourself, Save the Others’ for a better environment
• Media publications
• Articles, reports and chronicles
• School exhibition and writing competition
• A Flashmob against crazy drivers
• A campaign ‘Give a heart, Give a Martenitsa’ - For health and happy lives for all Bulgarians
* Website containing some activities organised by ‘Nesho Bonchev’ students
• Presenting the materials on the ‘Your Ideas Your Initiatives’ website.

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