Safety on the roads for the sake of children's lives

Gymnasia 93

The global project which we participated in is devoted to safety on the roads. It is really important for us to help younger children to be more aware of safety when they are on the streets and make sure that they know traffic rules very well.

The ideas

In the beginning of April 2019 our class team decided to take part in the global project dedicated to safety on the roads.

This year the amount of pedestrian crashes has significantly increased in our city. That is why we wanted to attract citizens' attention to this significant problem in order to prevent future accidents. According to the statistics in Russia over the past year 33.500 pedestrians were injured in an accident. Some of those, about 12.000 were caused by pedestrians and about 21.000 by drivers. Also, there were about 15.000 accidents involving children in Chelyabinsk and more than 87.000 violations of traffic rules are revealed by pedestrians.

We were sorry for one of our classmates who got into a pedestrian crash that happened near our school. Our schoolmate was hit by a car while crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing. The driver, however, fled the scene without any worry about his health status. This behavior outraged the public.

So we decided to find out how well our citizens know the traffic laws and whether they are able to help injured people. We consider pedestrians, and especially children, the less protected road users. In order to prevent more deaths and injuries, our team worked out several events to inform the community. National safety is up to each of us and only we can build a bright future of flourishing law and order.

The initiatives

We organized some activities in our school for elementary school students and our classmates.

1. We spent an hour with children aimed at preventing road traffic injuries and we also gave them information about road safety and road signs by using games. As a result, the children formed the basics of safe behavior on the street, got acquainted with the structure of the street and road signs intended for drivers and pedestrians.

2. We also held a quiz and contests with useful gifts - flickers which make their way to school and back home safer.

3. Then the children got information about retro reflection. When the headlights of a car illuminate retro reflective surface, the reflected light is directed towards the car and its driver rather than in all directions as with diffuse reflection.

4. After that we shared our ideas about safety on the roads with our classmates and reminded them about the rules which are very important to follow.

5. In addition, we created booklets in Russian and in English that contain the necessary information to inform people about the rules of the road in order to avoid accidents.

6. We took an interview with Adam Olfson who is the founder of American Educational Consulting in Russia. He has lived here for about 10 years.

Summing up, it is important to remember that you need to be careful and cautious, know and follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents. This will save YOUR Health and YOUR Life.

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