Safety on the Road

Safety on the Road


The project informed the students about the problem connected with road accidents and what kind of behaviour causes them.They got inspired and popularized among their classmates and society different ways to behave safely on the road .

The ideas

Students got acquainted with materials, information and statistics about the disastrous road situation in Bulgaria, especially in the region of Plovdiv. Every day in the news, we are informed about road accidents with a lot of casualties and deaths. Usually young and inexperienced drivers cause the accidents. There is an obvious need for improvement.

The initiatives

The students organized an information campaign aiming at their friends, classmates, teachers and relatives. They developed the following initiatives:
1. Creating a Facebook page called "Safety on the Road" and making it popular among their friends, classmates, teachers and relatives -
2. Organising a school exhibition with their pictures entitled "Road Signs". It was visited and liked by a lot of students and teachers at the Professional High School of Tourism “Prof. d-r Assen Zlatarov” and it managed to remind them how important road signs are.
3. Our Safety Road Playground Lesson was useful and fun. The students had simulations of real road situations and reacted safely.
4. The students created a video clip entitled "Safety on the Road". They showed how simple right behaviour on the street can be - you need to take just a few steps to be safe and happy.
5. The presentation of the video at school and through social media managed to engage a lot of young people, their teachers and relatives.

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