Safety on the Road

Safety on the Road


We made a poster about the consequences of using your cellphone in traffic. It also talks about jaywalking, and how that is dangerous.

The ideas

We came up with the idea of making a poster. We then decided it should be about cellphone use. This is a serious problem as many children use cellphones, but don't realise how dangerous it can be.

The initiatives

We presented the poster at the De Zevensprong primary school in Danswijk. We presented it to Group 8, because those children all have cellphones but don't know what could happen if they are too distracted. During the presentation they told us that they had been in accidents, almost in accidents or had seen that someone was in an accident. They also thought jaywalking is very dangerous, because you should watch the traffic, and not just cross the road. We believe that they are going to change the way that they use their cellphones, and that they won't jaywalk, because they find it dangerous. They think you shouldn't use your phone around traffic, and that you should watch traffic.

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