Road signs and rules in our town

Road signs and rules in our town


Reflection on the main road safety rules for pedestrians, cyclists and street users like our students aged 11–14. A survey of the road signs on the streets of our small town and suggestions to improve them.

The ideas

The ideas are:
1. Circulating on foot and by bike are the most sustainable ways to move nowadays, but it is important to behave correctly in order not to risk one's life and put others in danger. So it's necessary to learn some simple rules to go on foot and by bike.
2. Correctly positioned road signs can help prevent accidents, so it is important make a survey of their presence on our streets.

The initiatives

Students, with the help of their English and technology teachers, researched the main rules to circulate safely on the streets on foot and by bike and produced a video to be shared with the school (in both Italian and English).They focused their attention on ‘must’ and ‘must not’ behaviours that pedestrians and cyclists need to remember when they are on the streets. They made a PowerPoint on their survey of missing road signs in the streets around their school.

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