Road Safety project - Risky Behaviours

Road Safety project - Risky Behaviours


Students from the International School Almere have made different projects on road safety. This group of four students has chosen to make a video to show people about risky behaviours on the road.

The ideas

Students were informed about this project by our mentors. They made small groups within this class (grade 9) and all started researching and discussing their projects on road safety.
This group, involving Nikki, Nacho, Charlie and Nathanya, looked at the different things that make the roads unsafe. As most accidents happen when people break the road rules, they have chosen to focus on risky behaviours.
They concluded that most accidents happen due to younger people misbehaving on the road. They have researched the different things that are involved in risky behaviour, such as drinking alcohol while or before driving, driving on the wrong side of the road, using telephones while driving, etc. They did further research on these topics to find facts for their video.
The students thought about how to address the topics they chose and came up with an idea to make a city and to film a car driving in this city. The camera would zoom in to the car and we would see someone behaving riskily or breaking the rules by an action. They came up with a storyboard so that they knew which shots they needed to film to make the end product complete.
The purpose of this is to show a creative and funny video to interest the drivers that watch it, not only older people. The students want to make it clear to the people that the actions shown in the video are risky behaviours and therefore need to be avoided. The students will add a small summary to really make it clear to the audience why this action should not be repeated.

The initiatives

The topics that are discussed in the video are relevant because these things are common in the Netherlands and many other countries. Risky behaviours are a big issue on the road, and many people do not respect laws or believe that there in only a small chance of injury. These students believe that it is very important to understand what you are doing on the road, and that there is a reason for these rules to be rules. So it is very important for them to make sure others respect and follow them as well.
With their video they want to target people their own age or older to be more careful on the roads. Misbehaving on the road can cause major injury or death. This is something that people in a lot of countries have to avoid, and a start is to behave on the roads and to make sure you keep yourself to the rules of your environment.
The students want to make sure that, with the different projects which also involve those of other International School Almere students, they can reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads by showing people that road safety is important.

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