Road Safety Issue— Driving in the right direction

Road Safety Issue— Driving in the right direction


We wanted to let people be aware of the danger of driving in the wrong direction, as many people do this on the street in front of our school.

The ideas

Our school is in the countryside, the road was not built well and there’s a one-way street in front of our school. People have to go a lot further and turn so that they can go in the right direction. Some people, however, chose to go in the wrong direction for a little while then shift to the right lane at an opening 500 m away from the turning position. There are many cases when people do this when they have to go home after school.
After recognizing the situation, we went out to the street, recorded the improper behavior, and told the drivers not to do it again. Because when you do it just to save some time and money, you’ll be sorry for your action one day in the future.

The initiatives

In order to encourage safer behaviors on the road, we designed a brochure which contains dangerous behaviors commonly seen among our students and teachers. We printed our brochures and gave them out to the students, teachers, and our parents. We are sure that they will be pleased to see brochures designed by their friends, students, and children with something really helpful for them, and will really follow the traffic regulations which will save people’s lives.

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