Road safety for disabled people

OECIS, Baoan,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

In spite of the government and schools' emphasis on road safety education, our own experience and our research showed us that people don’t have enough knowledge and neglect the road safety rules. However the focus of our project is people with disabilities, a vulnerable group in terms of road safety.

The ideas

After our analysis on the topic of road safety, we found out that, even though people attach great importance to road safety, they lack enough knowledge on road safety rules.

We decided to focus our project on people with disabilities and we interviewed three persons with non-permanent incapacity (like broken hands or broken legs). We wanted to know more about their experience, the inconveniences and difficulties they faced.

The initiatives

Also, as part of our research, we decided to spend one week experience ourselves how it felt to live daily with some disability/incapacity. We wanted to understand better the inner experience of certain limitations while road users, to which extension the environment was or was not supportive in terms of road safety.

Going through this experience was personally very rich and allowed us to have a better comprehension of the struggles of people with disabilities and how important it is to include this vulnerable group and its specific difficulties in road safety actions and education.

We wanted to make an advertising video to make people aware of the importance of road safety for people with disabilities but given the pandemic and the preventive measures we couldn’t follow this initial plan. We hope in a near future we can do it.  

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