Road Safety Awareness Quiz Campaign

Road Safety Awareness Quiz Campaign


The campaign came out of a realistic problem: how well do you know about rules which could help you avoid dangers on the road, even ones you thought you knew. The quiz campaign gave people a chance to refresh their awareness.

The ideas

After doing a lot of research, we discovered that there are three main causes for traffic accidents: speeding, fatigued driving and lack of concentration. A majority of people involved in traffic incidents do not have awareness of traffic safety. When traffic accidents occur they do not know how to protect themselves and others, and this can lead to traffic accidents having a worse outcome. My classmates and I felt we were not only going to increase people’s awareness of traffic safety and reduce the dangerous behaviors while driving, but also raise their ability to protect themselves and their family members.
Since the internet has become people’s main method for accessing information, we decided to spread information about traffic safety on the internet. We planned to make a website about traffic safety and put a prize quiz to attract people to take part in our activity. We selected a coach station and driving schools to do the offline activity. We could let more people be aware of the importance of traffic safety and alert them about traffic safety while they are driving.

The initiatives

First, we decided the method of the activity; we chose to do our activity online and offline. Our first step was to make the website. We did research to find information and images related to traffic accidents. Our aim was to remind people to be aware of traffic safety so they wouldn’t end up in an accident. We then arranged the information and images on the Word document; we also added our opinions regarding traffic safety. At the same time, some of our group members prepared for the prize quiz on the website. They found the best software in China for doing questionnaires, WenJuanXing. First, they put the questions on the website, and then, they arranged the questions and set marks for each question. We also did other preparations for the prize quiz. We were able to find out which particular aspects of traffic safety people do not know about from the prize quiz. We were able to get the rate of accuracy when someone submitted their answers; to prevent someone from doing the prize quiz multiple times we set a limit so that each IP address could only do the prize quiz once.
After we finished preparations for the website, we started to plan for the offline activity. We contacted people in charge of the local coach station for permission to hold an activity there for addressing traffic safety. We agreed on the 7th of May for the activity.
On the 7th of May, members of our group bought the prizes and then met up with other group members at the coach station. We had already made the QR code for our website. We asked pedestrians to use their mobile phones to scan the QR code in order to see our website. After they read the information, they would be able to do the prize quiz on the web. We distributed the prizes according to their rate of accuracy. The people who participated in our activity were less than we expected because a lot of them were trying to catch a coach. After that, we went to a driving school nearby; the driving school is an education base for traffic safety. We met many students and coaches during the break. After we stated our intentions, they were willing to participate in our activity. Most of them got a good rate of accuracy. At the same we also discovered that although they had a good grasp of driving safety, they made a lot of errors on first aid for traffic accidents. We explained the mistakes to them and taught them some first aid procedures.
Lastly, we reported our findings to the people in charge of the driving school; they are going to pay attention to the issues we found out. Our activity increased some peoples’ awareness of traffic safety. We believe that more people will be influenced by our activity.

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