Road crossing and travelling with care

Road crossing and travelling with care


We came up with a plan to address road safety while crossing especially to young school children. Blind corners cause accidents and looking left and right can save your life.

The ideas

We are a group of 3 students; we had many ideas for this community and service project. Some of these ideas were very creative but we had a limited time to do this so many of our ideas had to be canceled. The ideas that we had left over were; changing the road for people who had to transport from the bus station to our school, we thought this was a good idea because many people who walk from the bus station to our school is very dangerous, there occur many accident with adults/children but this idea we couldn't proceed because we couldn't talk to the government to ask if we could change the road, so instead we thought that we should address a concern for crossing roads with care, this causes many accidents simply because people forget looking left and right before crossing a road. This became our final decision for an idea for our project. But before we took a decision for our project idea, we first voted separate ideas and see which one got the most, we all kind of had the same idea, and everybody had the same idea so we chose that one. We made a survey about transportation so we could see which transportation is used the most and that was going with a cycle. (More information about the survey and interview in the INITIATIVES)

The initiatives

In this project our main goal was to address road safety, we did this by raising a concern for crossing roads and saving your own life by looking careful. Many students at our school have to cross a road where cars drive around 60 km/h. Many times they are very close to meeting an accident because they either forget to look left and right before crossing, or they look, but take risks and cross and run over the road when the car is about only 30 meters away. This also counts for little children crossing the road when they go to school. They need to be safe on the road as well. Before we filmed our short educational video, we created a survey for our class mates (on paper). This survey gave us the information of how the average 14-16 year old travels to school and also on other activities out of school like going to the city or going to music class. We then asked how often they use it and whether they think it is comfortable and whether they really want it that way instead of something else. We also asked their opinion on the transport they use. After this, we decided to address our main concern to grade 1&2 of the elementary school, “Letterland”. We made a video for them to show how accidents happen on the road. We also published the video on YouTube. DISCLAIMER: This video is appropriate for all ages and does not contain graphic content. We also address our concern to them in class. We made an appointment with the teacher and agreed that we give our presentation to them. They gave us good feedback and so did the children. After this project we hoped that we gave our audience a clear message of road crossing and travelling with care.

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