Risky behaviors in our school community

Risky behaviors in our school community

Instituto Ballester

During two months we worked on the topic of risky behaviors, investigating and doing activities to make people aware of them. We created games, movies, posters, videos and songs to reach the community and find possible solutions to this problem.

The ideas

Our teacher proposed us to make a project related to road-safety education. We started looking for definitions of road safety, road education and public space. We discussed the definitions and made a debate in which everyone talked about their concerns. After that the teacher showed us some articles that described road education problems. We made a brainstorming of ideas and ended selecting the topic which we were going to work on: risky behaviors. Consequently, we were put into groups to search information about the chosen topic, and find the ways to make the school community aware of the risky behaviors and their consequences. As a result we got six different initiatives to work on in order to reach our goal.

The initiatives

Cell phone challenge: we made a driving circuit full of obstacles and challenged senior students to drive a bike while texting. The conclusions were that it was imposible to do both things well at the same time.
Song: we wrote a song about risk behavior and made a video with it. We decided to take the song “Dura” from Daddy Yankee as a model, changing the lyrics of the first verse and the chorus. We recorded it, made the video and uploaded in the social networks to make it visible to the whole community. https://youtu.be/Ph51R0w3OeU

Memes: we made posters with images and data about alcohol and drugs and covered all the school walls with them. The posters had a touch of humor in order to call people´s attention.

Movies: we selected known movie scenes and changed their dialogues to include the subjet of alcohol and drugs consuption on them. We showed the videos during the schools breaks. https://youtu.be/3pERnCkzKVU https://youtu.be/zYTyi18l798

Game: We invented a game in which players had 20 seconds to hit plastic glasses, that went up and down. Every participant had one turn in this round. After that we made a second round with the same rules, but this time we made the people turn around to get dizzy and covered part of their eyes to blur their vision. We compared the results of both rounds. The objective of the game was to make students aware of the harm of being drunk or high while driving.

Do you know that…?: This initiative was made with teachers and parents. We interviewed them about their driving behavior and, when getting an answer with risky behavior contents, we read them statistics about the consequences of taking those risks. https://youtu.be/ohvynmd_L3Q

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