Risk conducts in teenagers

Risk conducts in teenagers


In this project we want to make people conscious and aware of what can happens when teenagers drink-drive, drive at high speed and without a seatbelt, among other risks. The centre of our project will be a song that makes people reflect.

The ideas

The students of 9th year of Montessori school in the city of Medellín in Colombia wanted to work on the risk conducts of teenagers because it is a situation that we've seen a lot in our city and across the world too. This is a situation where many young people are at high risk and in danger because they do inappropriate things like driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, at high speed or without a belt. We also want to educate people to solve the problem of a lot of accidents. We experienced the terrible case of a boy in our school who died when driving with some friends under the effects of alcohol and at high speed. This made a big impression on us and we do not want it to happen again.

The initiatives

We made this project for teenagers that are just getting their driving licence. We wanted to do this project after we found out that the great percentage of accidents that involve teenagers are caused by inexperience in driving or a lack of consciousness of the dangers of certain conducts. So we wrote a song that informs about the most common causes and consequences of driving accidents. Also, we think it is a great way of approaching the topic and transmitting the message.

We also want to make a photo campaign with a strong message that shows the real damages of bad conduct, and make teenagers really understand.

Finally, we want to publish the video and images on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, allowing everybody to see and spread the message.

This project was run thanks to the collaboration of a team that has worked in an organised way and is interested in making a change.

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