Responsible Behaviour

Responsible Behaviour


To design a campaign to promote respect of traffic laws in the community and don't damage traffic signals, creating consciousness to have less accidents and death.

The ideas

After watching some videos about behaviour on the road and holding a brainstorming session, students decided to promote responsible behaviour, focusing on looking after signs and signals on the road. They chose this theme because they thought that a person of any age who gets into a car and drives it has to have responsible behaviour and be secure. It was also a great practical and fun challenge.

The initiatives

The students decided to design a campaign to encourage people to not damage traffic signals, but respect them. They created a PowerPoint presentation and a leaflet to communicate the idea of responsible behaviour in road safety. They delivered a presentation of the subject to every class in the secondary school, a total of 160 students. This action caused discussion among students, questions and reflection and its impact was positive. To reach the parents, students distributed leaflets after their meeting in school.

This project was very positive because we realised as young students we can support the care of street signals in our area, even more with the help of our parents and classmates. Most of the time we are destroying something, and we believe it is the best way to have fun and to call adults’ attention. But we are need to reflect that we aren’t taking the rules of the road into account, and that serious accidents, resulting in the death of drivers and pedestrians, may occur as a result of our actions.

Our conclusion as a group is that we need to assume a greater responsibility when we drive and follow all traffic rules, and everyone should take more care of the welfare of others. As drivers, passengers and pedestrians we can avoid a lot of accidents and tragic deaths, which damage many families and friendships.

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