Reckless drivers around schools

Reckless drivers around schools

Cakabey Schools

There is a mobility problem around our school due to the reckless drivers who exceed speed limit or use mobile phone at the wheel. We shot an enjoyable video to underline our requests to adults.

The ideas

Cakabey Schools’ MUN (Model United Nations) Club would like to attract notice to our friends’ mobility problem after dealing with other global problems throughout the year. Cakabey Schools is located on the outskirts of Izmir, Turkey with its big campus. Even though there are school buses, some students prefer to use public transportation, or their families transport them.

Initially, the participant students wanted to underline the problems around our school. Being located very close to the city zoo and industrial area, we have to deal with all kinds of drivers and their reckless movements in the mornings and evenings. We have observed other drivers who use mobile phone at the wheel, exceed the speed limit or show aggressive behaviour after having an accident.

We discussed the main mobility problems around our school. We talked about the incidents and other situations that we had observed. While discussing the problems, we realized that we want everyone to be aware of their own faults and responsibilities as a driver.

Upon this, we did some research about the reasons of accidents, and we got some statistical information from Turkish Statistical Institute and Directorate General of Security as in the attachment. It shows the numbers of accidents, injuries and deaths and in most of the cases, drivers are guilty, the percentage is over 60%. Also, we used our empirical evidences which we get during our daily trips to and from school and for this reason, we decided to give a message to drivers.

The initiatives

Turkish Police Headquarters legislate all the related regulations and take precautions, and there are frequent check points around our school. However, all driver should control themselves. For this reason, instead of preparing fading sign boards, we decided to be “catchy” with catchy songs in an amusing way.

1- We chose 2 catchy songs from the 80's and 90's.
2- We changed the lyrics to state the problems of reckless driving, exceeding the speed limit or using mobile phone at the wheel.
3- According to the lyrics, we decided on the scenes in teams. Another team went to the schools’ studio to record “our version” of the songs.
4- We listed the necessary materials to prepare them for the shooting day.
5- Advisors informed school administration and the security secured the shooting area.
6- During a week we shot (sometimes reshot) the scenes. We edited it, added subtitles.
7- The video has been shared with the school administration, then parents and public.

The video is shared on 3 different platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and our school's official website and it has been watched by over 7000 people so far and it is still counting. Most of them are our parents, the friends of students, the staff at school and local people. According to their feedback, the video underlines the main problems around our school in an amusing and creative way. Parents said that they didn’t know that their children care about these issues. They will be more careful about using mobile phones in the car, and they will be more careful and drive slower around schools (if there is a bumper or not).

As participant students, we noticed the importance of team work and collaboration. We have improved our technical abilities and language skills. There were friends who hadn’t been in a studio or hadn’t shot a video. This was a wonderful experience for them. Also, we had lots of fun during recording the songs. Due to the deadlines, we have learnt how to use our time efficiently. We enjoyed singing (recording) and shooting process and we are singing the “road safety” versions of the songs at school.

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