Protect Our Ancient Beauty

Protect Our Ancient Beauty


This is a project unlike any other. We do not aim to raise awareness solely in road safety but also the role of society in protecting and preserving our national heritage from the years before and during the Ottoman empire - the Samovodska Charshi.

The ideas

We are 4 students from the American College 'Arcus' in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, who Initially wished to start a campaign on road safety. Yet it wasn't long before we figured out that we needed a different approach. Therefore we decided to focus on one of our most famous historical sites - an heirloom of the past, the Samovodska Charshi. A barrier blocked the very entrance of this one-of-a-kind marketplace, however it was recently stolen, leaving cars to pass unhindered through the Charshi’s old cobblestone streets. In our initiative, we aim at the stars - we want to shine a light on the problem and find a solution for it! Let us hope we succeed!

The initiatives

The main problem we address within our project is the damage done by vehicles on one of the historical sites in our town of Veliko Tarnovo, the Samovodska Charshi. We thought of three ways to raise awareness: first, we carried out a sign-up for students within our college who were willing to engage in the project with us. They helped prepare posters for a gallery walk on road safety and historical protection (you can see pictures of the posters here). Secondly, we shot a video on the very site of The Samovodska Charshi, talking about the problems caused by vehicles (you can see the movie). And last, but not least, we prepared a flashmob in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo. Dancing, acting and different activities informed passers-by about the current situation. With these actions, we aim to make citizens help us reach our goal – and protect our ancient beauty!