Promoting responsible behaviors on the road

Promoting responsible behaviors on the road

Colegio San Patricio de Luján

In this project we analyzed the most usual traffic problems in terms of compliance with the rules and we created a video to share our message and promote road responsible behaviors.

The ideas

As soon as we decided to enter this project, the school heads contacted local firemen and urban control agents, who came to our institution to deliver a talk directed to students about road rules and responsible pedestrian behaviours. This worked as a kick off to start thinking about possible local interventions.

The Project carried out by the students and teachers of our school started with a detailed diagnosis of the main traffic problems in our community and their causes. The rates of drunk driving is alarming. The use of the cellphone while driving, non-use of a helmet while riding a motorbike and lack of respect for traffic rules and regulations are also increasingly worrying. From all the topics we were given, we consider that road safety is the most relevant one.

We collected information about road safety in Lujan, by doing a survey in our streets asking 50 people, between 25 and 50 years old, what their behaviours were while being behind the wheel.

According to a survey, in the city of Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina, we came to the following conclusions:

* 90% of the drivers questioned, wear a seatbelt.

* 70% admit to using the cellphone while driving.

* 90% claim to wear a helmet when driving. Those who have a passenger, share 50% the decision of wearing a helmet.

* Most people say they usually respect traffic lights.

* On the other hand, 60% of pedestrians do not cross the street on a zebra crossing, while 49% does it in the correct way.

* Even though most people consider themselves responsible drivers when asked individually, 90% of the participants think that Argentinians in general are not.

The initiatives

We ended up doing a video to portrait the problem of lack of road safety because we wanted to make it fun but educational at the same time. In this video, the students represent everyday situations about road education practices, as a pedestrian crossing, cellphone usewhile driving and helmet use for motorcycles. It was shared with our educational community to incorporate tools and values to exercise responsible road citizenship.

In general, the community accepted and acknowledged that errors occur daily and admitted that by becoming aware and respecting the rules we can improve this problem. By doing this project, our main goal was to raise awareness among citizens in our community and we believe that we provided a tool for a responsible road citizenship through talks at school.

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