Our contribution to learning the rules of the road and promoting of the campaign "Save the child – give future"

Our contribution to learning the rules of the road and promoting of the campaign "Save the child – give future"

23 students 15,16 and 17 years

This is our contribution to learning the rules of the road and promoting the campaign Save The Child – Give Future, in order to prevent hazardous situations.

The ideas

In the beginning the students, monitored by their teachers, performed brainstorming for four hours. In this first phase their theoretical knowledge had been expanded by lectures and presentations from teachers and government authorities. Moreover, the students did practical training supported by people from the regional traffic police department.

Key campaign message: Save the child, give future

In order to prevent hazardous situations, all people must to be familiar with the rules on the roads. We are trying to provide normal conditions of transport for our students from their home to our school and vice versa.

When the students went out on a dangerous street, which is crowded because of many passengers and drivers ‘in a rush’, they needed to apply what they have learnt in the class about safe moving.
Traffic is especially intensive in front of the school in the morning as 750 students arrive at the same time before classes by bus, car or on foot. The situation becomes more complicated during winter time, when the weather conditions are worse because of the cold and the fog. So, it is difficult to detect signs.

The initiatives

The objective is to let pupils know the rules of safety on the road and to attract the attention of parents, teachers, police – the whole society to this problem.

Practical activities:

  • Conducting lectures - topics: Road users and driving, traffic signs in Bulgaria and abroad, Road safety and accident, Introduction to the Save The Child - Give The Future
  • Project promotion by advertising it in the form of posters, announcements in the press and on the Internet forum
  • Participation in the marking of the carriageway, footpaths and other road markings, in Tervel and nearby
  • Participation in joint action with traffic police to make the road more secure
  • Conducting business ‘traffic cop on the road’ of lanes around the school building, Jordan Jovkov.
  • Preparation of a proposal to the Commission by the BDP/school and municipal/school equipment playground in the BDP or placement of traffic lights in our town and presentation of practical lesson presented the project activity.

Results: The project activities improved pupils’ road safety knowledge and their ability to prevent incidents. The attention of parents, teachers and police was called to the problem to save children’s lives on the road. Traffic lights would be installed near the school.

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