Only one life two wheels

Only one life two wheels

Univ. DeLaSalle Bajio Campus San Francisco del Rincón

24 junior high school students became aware of the poor use of the bike lanes in their community and decided to do something about it.

The ideas

Ours is a very small community and we have noticed that although our city has bike lanes available for people who ride their bicycles most of the time they are not used properly by the car drivers or not used by the people who ride their bikes.

We made a survey about the correct use of the bike lanes and found out that many of our classmates have noticed that their own parents and relatives drove on the bike lanes to make turns or override other cars.

We decided to take up this issue since over 40% of our city`s population use bikes either to go to work, commute around the city or for exercising purposes.

The initiatives

We decided to promote awareness in our own school community using board games designed and elaborated by us and through interviews.

The whole group promoted the board games and gave talks to all 12 junior high school groups and all 14 high school groups, to a total of 1092 students and staff members.

We hope these activities bring awareness to both drivers and bike users.