New Horizon College

Every morning and afternoon at New Horizon College, we usually face risk related to high traffic. As the need for Safety team, we came up with a solution.

The ideas

We have had meetings and small gatherings to critically discuss and analyse how we can improve the traffic system around the school. We realized that the current system was extremely jammed because cars would flood in both of the two entry lanes. This causes both lanes to be packed with cars, causing a queue  of traffic. We as the "Road Safety Team”  declared this system hazardous because mistakes easily occur especially with school children. Together we came up with possible creative and innovative measures to eradicate this matter and improve this problem. We therefore reached a conclusion to implement a new system which will improve road safety in our school and community. This will save lives of pedestrians and motor vehicle passengers, resulting in our school environment becoming safe for everyone.


The initiatives

Upon the realization of the poor traffic management and traffic flow around the school in the morning before school starts and in the afternoon towards the end of school, the New Horizon "Need for Safety team" decided to start a system that will help ease the traffic flow at school, hence reduce the risk of accidents around our school community. Thus promoting safety of both the passengers and pedestrians around the school area.

Our initiative is to implement a system of managed traffic flow around our school environment. We have come up with a well managed system of how the traffic around the school should be managed. Our system makes use of the U-shaped path we have at school and manipulate it to our advantage.  We decided to design  one entrance for cars and an exit in order for us to control and alleviate traffic. We also decided to design specific parking areas for the different  types of vehicles used as transportation. Taxis will park at the field, buses next to the trees and a special parking for  parents. We created a zebra crossing to ensure that students can cross the road safely. Assigned learners will serve as junior traffic  police.

We have sent letters to taxi associations that work around our school in order to notify them of the new system that will be used. We have created a flyer to promote safe driving with students and distributed it among the drivers.

Although  we do not yet have any confirmed sponsor, we have asked for sponsorship from multiple business organizations to help fund our project.