My car in the future

My car in the future

"Stefan cel Mare" National Pedagogical College

We, the pupils of "Ştefan cel Mare" National Pedagogical College Bacau - Romania, made an imaginative exercise and designed original car models, most of them flying. The best drawings were taken in a high school exhibition.

The ideas

The number of road deaths per million inhabitants in Romania last year was 90. This level is almost twice the EU average of 50 deaths per million inhabitants. The main causes of these road events are the excessive speed at the wheel, but also the lack of motorways. Taking these statistics into account, we were given the challenge of contributing to a safer future. In this sense, we chose to design cars of the future, which can be safely driven, with low fuel consumption and no pollution. Three teams of students competed, their works being exposed to high school. We, Sarah, Alexandra and Esther, shared talents with talent, but also with the ideas of a future under the generic: "Life has priority". What do we want through this? To attract the attention of our colleagues, but also of the parents and the community, and make them aware that nothing is more important in this world than life. We believe that a low speed in traffic and greater respect for pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and other drivers can save lives.

The initiatives

This idea has already caught among the other classes in the high school, the requests to participate in this project being over 60 students. In the next school year, a joint project with local authorities and police is already being planned to increase road safety among students who want to become drivers, but also those who love cycling or walking. Through this project, it is also desirable to develop road education options for primary school children.


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