Strukovna škola Đurđevac

Monitoring and Proposing Solutions for the main thoroughfare through Virje

Strukovna škola Đurđevac

Our project aims the reconstruction of the main thoroughfare to provide better and easier traffic flow, and to improve visibility in bends and streets in order to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in traffic. We believe that the main thoroughfare would be improved with roundabouts and some changes in the road infrastructure itself as well as with new traffic signs.

The ideas

In this project, we focused in the problem of  poor construction of the main road through Virje towards Novigrad Podravski and Koprivnica. The main thoroughfare extends from Mitrovica Street across Ban Jelačić Square to Novigradska Street.Two side streets Trnovec and Ljudevit Gaj are adjoined to Mitrovica main street, as well .

 The biggest problem is poor visibility through sharp bends, traffic jams, bad weather conditions and traffic jams when leaving for work or school.

We interviewed drivers and found out some of the issues:

  • The problem is when two wheeler trucks with trailers meet, one of them must go into the opposite lane so that it does not jump  on the curb, causing a deadlock and creating a traffic jam.
  • There is also a problem at the gas station when the fuel tank comes. It causes a  standstill because there is no stop for the tank and it stands on the  road. After that, the asphalt remains greasy, slippery and unsafe.
  • Pedestrians do not have their own footpath, so drivers have to slow down because of them.

The initiatives

The poor construction of  the main road through Virje, which extends  from Mitrovica Street through Ban Jelačić Square to Novigradska  Street, to which two side streets Trnovec and Ljudevit Gaj are  adjoined, could be reconstructed in the following two ways:

  • Demolishing two houses on a blind bend, the bank which is opposite the bend, the old building and the INA gas station in order to get more space.
  • Building of two roundabouts in this area in order to improve traffic flow, ith bicycle and pedestrian paths and all the necessary traffic signaling.

We contacted the Mayor of Virje Municipality and were told that Croatian Roads initiated the project of reconstruction of the state road D2 from Koprivnica to KloštarPodravski, geodetic surveys of the mentioned section are in progress.

By letter to Croatian Roads, we specifically mentioned the problem of the Virje Center, iethe intersection with GajeStreet, we suggest thatCroatian Roads buy two existing homes to adequately address the intersection.

We believe that the reconstruction will solve the problem of regulation of bicycle and pedestrian paths with all the necessary signaling.

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