Live, drive but stay alive

Live, drive but stay alive


Nowadays the deadliest invention is the car and especially the one driven by a drunken teenager trying to impress friends. According to the statistics 84 teens aged 18–24 died in Bulgaria as a result of drink-driving in 2013.

The ideas

The students who already have a driving licence gather with their peers and discuss the main problems concerning road safety and risky behaviour.
To make flyers about the risks of drinking and driving and give them to teens in local discos and bars.

The initiatives

The students made a movie about the risks of drinking and driving which is given to the local media and played on screens in school halls.
They gave flyers about the risks of drinking and driving to teens in the local discos and bars.
After a few meetings and discussions the students from twelfth grade outlined the most commonly ignored road rules and made a presentation in which they showed the younger students from fifth to eleventh grade in after school classes the basic rules for street safety.
They also organised a few lessons and games for the students who love riding bikes, teaching them the general rules for road safety.

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