Moldova is a small, but beautiful country with modest hardworking people. They violate traffic laws and do not think about consequences, so we started the campaign LIFE HAS PRIORITY, where people will learn to cherish their lives and those around.

The ideas

People belittle their own lives. They travel at high speed, they sit behind the wheel drunk, they do not use seatbelts, they buy old and worn-out cars, they are not aware of road signs and traffic lights. They also ignore other drivers and pedestrians… they rush, but where to? STOP and live your life safely!

The initiatives

Our class organised lessons, trainings, round tables, workshops, discussions with colleagues, teachers and officials. They made games for children, conducted drawing contests and created photographs and video.
On 20 November 2013 they attended a major national event commemorating the victims who have died in road accidents. They did a Flashmob at a bus station in the capital, and in May they will participate in the municipal contest ‘Road Education’. Students in school and in our class are involved in the international movement STOP HAM, fighting illegal parking. Once a month they distribute flyers that inform people about the situation on the streets.

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