Let's Play: Road Safety!

Nadym School Nº 6

In order to prevent child road traffic injuries we created different activities to educate children on road safety.

The ideas

During brainstorming we studied the statistics and found the main causes of child road traffic injuries. In Nadym there were more road traffic accidents with participation of children in 2019 than in 2018. There were 392 accidents in which 32 people died, 2 children died and 59 children were injured.  The main causes of child road traffic injuries: the pranks of children on the roadway, the condition of the roads, technical state of vehicles, the lack of discipline of children, poor knowledge and skills regarding traffic rules.

The initiatives

We realized that the best way to solve the problem of child road traffic injuries was prevention. We decided to carry out different activities to educate children on road safety:

  • A stand on safety behavior of children on the road. The main idea is to involve children: they search for information in various sources (books, parents, teachers, ..). and then choose important rules, select drawings, draw up a stand.
  • An exhibition of drawings. Our school regularly holds art exhibitions on specific topics. One of the common topics is Road Safety.
  • Outdoor games for younger students in the road park near the school. There we conduct classes and games on knowledge of traffic rules. We also use children’s bicycles and cars for these games. 
  • We created an educational video for  kids that they visualized before the games. 
  • We arranged preventive lectures with representatives of road-patrol service of Nadym. In these lectures children were told not only about the rules of behavior on the roads, but also introduced to the statistics of road traffic accidents.  
  • We created a board game for children. When children play this board game, they repeat the rules of the road.  

This topic is always relevant. Child safety is the most important task of mankind. We implemented this project with independence and responsibility and our teacher was very supportive and enthusiastic as well. Children really enjoyed participating in the project, they were very creative, interested and active. We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the project! 

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