Keep Calm and let them cross the street!

Keep Calm and let them cross the street!

Colégio Sesi Loanda

This project aims to signal pedestrian lanes at schools in the municipality of Loanda, based on Law 4286-B of 2008, which makes obligatory the crosswalk in front of public and private schools in all Brazilian territory.

The ideas

Based on the reality experienced by the students of the municipality of Loanda, we identified the lack of pedestrian lanes and safety in front of several schools in the municipality, including our school. Looking for support in the legislation, we took notice of the Law 4268-B of 2008 that determines the obligation of having a pedestrian lane in front of public and private schools throughout the national territory.

The initiatives

For the accomplishment and realization of the project, we took as an initial step the elaboration of a letter for the authorization of the project that was delivered in the City Hall and another letter for the supply of necessary materials like paint, brushes and rulers. We also informed parents and students about the importance of the project as a way of raising awareness.

The painting of the crosswalk was planned for June 1st, 2018, however, due to the bad weather, it was not possible to perform the painting in the time expected and established at the beginning of the project and neither the days that followed because of the rain. Therefore, we will proceed with the finalization of the project and the painting when weather improves.


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