It´s like driving with your eyes closed.

It´s like driving with your eyes closed


Today’s society depends too much on technology to get through daily activities; we don’t even realize that we could be putting our lives in danger. Our project dealt with the modern hazard of cell phone use while driving.

The ideas

We brainstormed some ideas about traffic issues in our community and we came to a group conclusion, that using a cell phone while driving was a big problem not only amongst our peers, but also within the larger community. Our group did a survey within the school to find out how frequent cell phone use was while driving. After the survey, we decided it was best to make people conscious of the traffic accidents this behavior causes and so we implemented some actions.

The initiatives

To make people aware of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving (to text, play loud music, talk on the phone) our group decided to script and film a video. Our expectation for the impact of the video was that our peers would become aware of the dangers of driving while using a phone.
Our group organized an impact campaign in our school community in order to get everyone excited in anticipation of the screening of the video.
We presented our video, first to the junior high school section of the school with great results, especially among the younger students since they were very impressed by the work that we’d done and they talked about the effect the video had on them. They also said to their teachers that they would tell their parents to stop using their cell phones while driving. The crew then presented the video to the high school students and the work was also well-received.