An International Project on Traffic Awareness

An International Project on Traffic Awareness


After an initial investigation and discussions, we realised the need to educate others on the importance of drivers respecting the road lanes. We visited with local traffic police, created a street play and made materials to share our message.

The ideas

The sequence of events:
1) Brainstorming session.
Fifteen students were selected for the project. It all began with a brainstorming session. A few videos were shown about road safety, followed by a discussion about the need for road safety and traffic awareness.
We visited the website of the Chandigarh Traffic Police. After looking through the website, we realised the gravity of the situation, as none of us are drivers yet.
Later a vigorous discussion session was held to generate ideas to be followed for the effective implementation of the project. It was finally concluded that people were not fully aware of the importance of driving in the correct lane.
Hence, it was decided that the focus of the project should be ‘Lane Driving’.
2) Visit to the traffic park, Sector-12, Panchkula.
We visited the Traffic Park in Sector-12, Panchkula to get firsthand knowledge about the necessary traffic rules to be followed to ensure road safety for all. A traffic policeman from the park and Panchkula Traffic Police gave us details about road safety issues. It was a great learning experience for us all.
3) Quiz
An informal quiz was conducted in the classroom. The purpose was to reinforce the knowledge gathered during the visit to the traffic park. Our quiz is included with this presentation.

The initiatives

We developed several actions to raise awareness:
1) Poster and slogan making.
Students were involved in a poster and slogan making activity with the aim of further reinforcing the role of traffic rules to maintain road safety. Students put their creative imaginations to best use in the development of these placards for generating awareness.
2) Traffic manning ‒ A practical experience.
(Mail to Chandigarh traffic control)
We visited the Traffic Park in Sector-23, Chandigarh, where a traffic policeman educated us about the need and importance of lane driving.
Later, we went to the Matka roundabout to get firsthand experience about how to man traffic. We also helped to create awareness about the importance of lane driving by speaking to people along the busy road and displaying our posters and slogans to them.
3) Street play on traffic awareness.
Everything that we had gained and learnt about traffic rules and road safety were put into practice through the creation of a street play aimed at spreading awareness amongst the youth and the general public.
We showcased our play once at the school and then at the busy OBC (Oriental Bank of Commerce) in sector-5, Panchkula. It was much appreciated by both the officials as well as the customers present there.
It was a satisfying experience as we could see that we had achieved our purpose and that we were successful in reaching our message to not only our friends in school but also to the people on the street.

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