High-Beam Hunter

High-Beam Hunter

Huanggang Polytechnic College

The purpose of the team “High-beam Hunter” is to let public know the danger of misusing the high-beam, improve the drivers’ habits and create a harmonious driving environment for the society through the publication and our efforts.

The ideas

In 2017, 50 000 died in traffic accidents at night, taking up 50% of the overall deaths in China and 22% of them were due to the poor visibility. Throughout our investigation, misusing the high-beam is a normal phenomenon in China and it is considered as a big threat to the road traffic safety. Many drivers haven’t formed a good habit of using the high-beam at night and some of them even don’t know how to use the high-beam correctly. So, we decided to work on this issue.
Our plan:

1. We collected statistics and reports on Internet about accidents caused by misuse of high-beam. We know that 22% of the traffic accidents happen in the condition of poor visibility. Under such circumstance, the width and distance of the lighting is limited, especially when facing high-beam, the driver may misjudge the speed and distance of the incoming car.

2. We observed and record the usage of high-beam at poor-lighting streets with high traffic flow while crossing other cars about 200 times in 40 minutes. We got from this survey that 57% people use high-beam when two cars pass each other, 23% people use dipped headlight and 20% people change high-beam to dipped headlight before two cars pass each other.

3. We carried out a questionnaire to learn about drivers’ opinions about misusing the high-beam, then introduced the proper usage of high-beam. We know that there are there types of drivers who use high beam:

(1).Ignorant type: they don’t know whether they’re using the high-beam because they just want it to be brighter to have a better sight.
(2). Selfish type: Most people of this kind have a rich driving experience, but they don’t care about others’ feelings.
(3). Revenge type: these people are dazzled by other high-beam car, so they turn them on to make reprisals.

The initiatives

The objective of our activity is to understand the danger of misusing the high-beam. Through extensive publication, we want to let the public know its danger and to teach the drivers about how to use the high-beam properly.

We cooperated with many 4S stores, such as Renault, Ford, Skoda, Volkswagen repair plant to maximize the exposure of our activity and promote the “reminding tips” which could be stuck on the windshield in case to remind drivers with the words “Refuse to misuse the high-beam” while driving.

We interviewed public and put up posters in downtown area to broadcast our proposal. The activity was posted at microblog and WeChat of group members, also at famous local bbs “Yiai Net” with 15480 views & 778 comments and official social medias accounts of “Youyiche Lecture Hall”

We have received many positive and inspiring feedbacks. A large part of interviewees and netizens agreed that it is very important to comply with traffic regulations and they will use correctly the high-beam by themselves. A harmonious driving environment at night needs our common efforts. We hope that our movements could drive the society and everyone to use the high-beam properly!

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