Hey! Look at me!

Hey! Look at me!

Colégio SESI Boqueirão

This project aims to raise traffic awareness of issues related to students’ parents and their habit of parking in front of the gates obstructing the entrance and departure of other vehicles.

The ideas

SESI Boqueirão High School located in curitiba, southern of Brazil, has more than 700 students divided in three shifts: morning, afternoon and at night. consequently the number of cars increased drastically. More than half of these students come to school by car with their parents. In 2017 we diagnosed a problem that has become very frequent in our surroundings: the disorganization of the vehicles during the time that students arrive and leave school. Some parents use to take too much time standing in front of the entrance. In addition, we found out that this kind of behavior reflected a certain lack of sensitivity and empathy and that in many times we could see moments of confusion and disagreements. Moreover, this issue probably could have ended up in an accident. Due to this situation, we quickly realized the necessity to come up with the idea to touch their hearts by producing a play about traffic awareness influenced by the Pantomime techniques and the urban intervention.

In this scenario we created the play entitled: Hey! Look at me!

The initiatives

Our project was structured in two steps: firstly, we built cars with recyclable boxes representing the vehicles. As the project invites our parents to change their behavior in traffic, the second step was the creation of a play (pantomime) to present outside during the rush time in the streets nearby the School. Our idea was to implement an awareness campaign in our school and community by showing our web video on YouTube and our leaflet. During two days, we presented our play to the whole school community using a bit of sense of humour. We also promoted an intervention during the break time.To achieve such goal, we gave to our colleagues some leaflets to illustrate the current situation in our school and spread the message to change our community.

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