One of our students died because he was not wearing the seatbelt and our project aims to be a homage to him and also a way to use this sad loss to share the message on how important it is to use seatbelts.

The ideas

This is the second time we have attended the Your Ideas Your Initiatives Project. As soon as we have been informed about the project we built up the project group with Mrs Çankırlı. During the brainstorming session we all came up with the idea of why wearing a seat belt is necessarry while driving. We decided to make a public spot. With this short video we want to draw attention to the worth of wearing a seat belt.

The initiatives

No matter how expensive a car you own, and how many advanced security features it has, you can never underestimate the worth of a seat belt. All the nations around the world have made a norm that every car driver should wear the seat belt in perfect driving posture. In fact all the people riding a car should wrap a seat belt for their own safety. Though wearing a seat belt on long rides may seem irritating, it is vital. No matter how expert a driver you are, you will be sharing the road with many others. Not everyone is an expert and abides by the road regulations. So, once in a while you will have to press the emergency brakes and this is when the worth of seat belts comes handy. You and your fellow riders will not be thrown out of place. Everyone will be seated safely wherever they want.

We created a video to show the importance of using a seatbelt and in this video we showed pictures of the student with his friends, in which his image appears in black and white while the friends are in colors to reinforce the message that life might depend on using or not the seabelt. We used the story of the student to create a more emotional and personal message to make the audience more aware that car accidents and fatalities are a reality and not something that only happens to unknown people. We shared the video only in school and we decided not to share it in the webpage to respect the willing of the student's parents who wanted to protect the privacy of their grieve. Apart from this the teachers showed us videos, public spots prepared by public authorities.

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