Eu transito, tu transitas

Eu transito, tu transitas

Colégio Sesi União da Vitória

Our project aims to sensitize learners who use the bicycle to travel safely within the transit of the city of União da Vitória.

The ideas

In the year 2017, a student enrolled in our College suffered a serious accident. Faced with this situation, we began to observe the behaviors of our students in the traffic, and to question what knowledge they would need that could prevent new accidents from happening, and what we could do to sensitize the school community to the cause. We decided to develop a project that would enable knowledge about legislation that addresses the issue of traffic, with emphasis on the behavior of the cyclist, in order to promote the prevention of accidents and minimization of incidents related to their displacement in the day-to-day.

The methodology used, with a theoretical-bibliographic and procedural character, had as objectives:

  • To know the specific legislation within the Brazilian Traffic Code as far as cyclists are concerned;
  • To analyse which safety equipment is needed for a safer ride in traffic;
  • To check which behaviors are necessary so that we can have a defensive and less aggressive traffic.


The initiatives

After reading theoretical references to support the work with Laws and Guidelines that guide traffic and talk about prevention and safety in the same, various actions were developed with the aim of raising awareness about the need for respect and care with traffic, with emphasis on the behaviors of cyclists. We have also sought to promote the use of bicycles as a precursor to more quality of life and health, emphasizing that driving a bicycle needs correct guidance and proper use of personal safety and protection equipment.

  • Instruction lecture on "First aid" for the students participating in the Project, so that they can act correctly in case of emergency (given by nurse Juliana Doophiat);
  • Defensive direction and traffic legislation so that the students could better understand the Brazilian traffic situation (partnership with the 4th Ciretran of União da Vitória)
  • Production of Folders as final product of the project that were delivered to the community of União da Vitória, culminating with a photo that represents "Silence in memory of the victims of traffic"
  • Participation and dissemination of knowledge of the project in Educative Blitz of the organ "Educatran" (municipal body that organizes the transit in the municipality of União da Vitória)
  • Educational campaign to raise awareness on the "Maio Amarelo" campaign, with the involvement of all the students and students of the College, in a dissemination activity on the need for more traffic safety.
  • Activities to raise awareness of the students of Early Childhood Education of Sesi College, through the drawing, painting and game of the seven errors, using materials provided by the Municipality of União da Vitória, through the “Educatran” body
  • Creation of a page in the Social Facebook network to divulge the researches and activities developed by the project team. Access through the site
  • Dissemination of the Project in the Local Television Network (TVMILL), through an interview and oral presentation of the Project theme. Access to the interview by link

We evaluated that the scope of the project took a very broad proportion, considering that we managed to cover the school community, society around it, actors of the transit of the city of Union of the Victory, educandos and educandas of the Infantile Education of our College, and other members who, every day, come into direct contact with the traffic and move around using bicycles.

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