Escuela Pangue Arriba

Escuela Pangue Arriba

40 students

Comparing road safety in two countries helps us to reflect and to find common situations and solutions to the problem. This is the point of departure for the students at Escuela Pangue Arriba in Chile to improve the safety of their surroundings.

The ideas

An analysis of the statistics on traffic accidents in their own zone helps the students to identify the dangers for people circulating near the school. Knowing the dangers we face every day enables us to find strategies to avoid them.

Through the direct experience of being in traffic accidents or seeing them happen, the students at Escuela Pangue Arriba have identified the responsibilities of both pedestrians and drivers at the time the accidents happen or in dangerous situations.

It is important to educate students and their families about the behaviours that can help prevent accidents as both pedestrians and drivers.

The initiatives

The students conducted interviews with the people directly involved in preventing traffic accidents (firefighters, police officers, etc.) to find out how the issue of road safety and mobility have evolved over the years, and then they compared the results.

They created student groups to promote road safety and help other students cross the street. The initiative also includes orientation and study workshops on these topics with students from other neighbouring schools.

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