Children as responsible participants in traffic

Children as responsible participants in traffic


In this project we wish to make known the traffic rules on public roads and form a preventive behaviour to the children.

The ideas

Together with the students we joined this international initiative in order to implement the educational programme Your Ideas Your initiatives - Road Safety and Mobility Project for All in Scoala Gimnaziala Constantin Gh. Marinescu Galati.
The local project implemented at Class 2A comes as a consequence of:
• Observation of the children’s behaviour as pedestrians in traffic and where they play;
• Conversations with the students which prove that they do not always choose where they play correctly and safely;
• Realisation of the necessity to introduce the theme of the road safety in school and family life in order to encourage children’s responsible attitude as participants in traffic.

The initiatives

Our initiatives consisted of making up short stories, formulating suggestive messages for different traffic situations, presenting the consequences of not observing traffic rules, interactive activities led by a police officer, participating in a thematic quiz, commenting on images, presenting case studies, having group discussions about the safest play areas and riding the bicycle on public roads.
There were also some more enjoyable activities such as online games, observing good behaviour rules on the street and in the common transportation means during the didactic travels to various institutions, thematic drawing and painting sessions, designing a virtual future town.
As expected, the children’s favourite moments were receiving their diplomas and prizes for all the activities they successfully achieved.

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