Bottom Hole Project

Bottom Hole Project

Colégio Anglo Prudentino

Accessibility: who cares? It's a project aiming at raising awareness among the population of Toledo regarding the accessibility and mobility of people in the transit, wether they are elderly, disabled or with no specific mobility problem.

The ideas

In the initial classes, the professor presented information on the subject of traffic safety and mobility, exemplifying situations experienced in our city, which served as a tool to contextualize the subject and encourage us.

The group participated in the Marshmallow Challenge dynamics, which consists of building a tower with noodles, crepe tape and string, the tallest tower to bear the weight of a marshmallow on top wins the activity. The objective was not to see who would win the competition but to challenge the group to find ways of organizing to carry out the activities, managing the conflicts of ideas and time.

After this dynamic of warm up, the group met to reflect and present problematic situations in our city, each member thought about a specific subject and presented his/her ideas to the others, justifying them. The group was able to synthesize the ideas of several participants and compose a single project, contemplating more than one raised aspects.

The initiatives

Based on the observation of the local reality we decided to tackle the theme of street conservation in the city of Presidente Prudente and initially created a page on Facebook, called "Streets Imprudentes". The name of the project makes a joke (pun) because the project speaks of the streets in PRUDENTE, that is, the streets of the city of Presidente Prudente and the IMPRUDENCE of the public administration to manage the conservation of public roads.

Our page is available on facebook and can be accessed through the link: The proposal to use facebook was based on the number of users of the social network, its ability to disseminate, ease of access and free platform. The following image represents the layout of the page, highlighting the campaign mascot, the ferret. It is worth remembering that the campaign symbol was designed by ourselves and refers to the campaign slogan "do not fall for that hole".

We have created a marketing campaign for the school, with family and social networks announcing the project and inviting the community to participate, as can be seen in the following figure.

The following figure represents the popular participation in the project, as one can observe a resident of the city of Presidente Prudente made use of the application to report problems of infrastructure in the street of his house. The space was also used as a place for debate and discussion of society on urban problems, not only in the city of Presidente Prudente, but also in the city Regente Feijó, a neighboring municipality.

Another tool we developed was the creation of a website, which describes our project and our goals The site can be accessed through the following link:

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