Better conditions for pedestrians

Better conditions for pedestrians


The relevance of the project, is based on a problem of common interest and as often happens with road safety issues: "all care, but unfortunately there are no solutions".
We assume a proactive attitude we put into action.

The ideas

A pooling of the various traffic problems that our community face was made.
Two places (Leona Vicario and Board Constituency Boulevard and Lazaro Cardenas), both with high level of traffic in the morning (6:00 am) and afternoon (6:00 pm) were identified, realizing inadequate time programming at traffic lights, signaling the lack of pedestrian and vehicle lines, lack of respect from drivers passing red light, just light changes.
The decision was made over the course of mathematics to address this problem as a whole, with real statistical data to enable offer viable solutions. This observation and data collection, allowed to focus on one of the crosses, taking the decision to take action at the intersection of Leona Vicario and Board Constituency Boulevard; due to the greater flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Fieldwork, which was to place each student in the corners of the aforementioned crosses, for one hour, five days, morning and evening was made. groups were formed during the morning and afternoon, including school asked permission for this group of students are allowed to enter school later. They were collected under a statistical format explained and offered by the field of mathematics, also collected data were analyzed as a group: Data collection frequency, mean, standard deviation and range. Formats and evidence of this data collection are explained in the PPT.
Initial ideas were confirmed regarding: frequency of time they have traffic lights, are insufficient for both vehicles and pedestrians and lack of signage, essentially on the pedestrian crossing (road zebra) and access to people with disabilities.

The initiatives

The application is based on:
Increase the frequency of time at traffic lights to provide greater comfort, safety and effectiveness in step.
Properly paint the walkway and access for people with disabilities, so that is very visible to drivers and pedestrians; preventing the invasion of it, the part of drivers and pedestrians passing by places not allowed.
At peak hours, traffic police have suggested that support the road.
In the future, to design and build a pedestrian bridge, to prevent pedestrian accidents.
We made the decision to get a consistent and real change with our authorities.
So we get an audience with the Municipal Delegate of Cabo San Lucas. At that same meeting, it was not only informative, but came to the authorization of the project.
With this release we went to the head of traffic Cabo San Lucas, who has the responsibility of implementing this project. The evidence of both actions are included in images and in the bulletin of the Municipality presented in the PPT.
We believe that the most significant evidence is to have achieved this hearing and have been approved these proposals immediately.