Be Safe And Look Forward To the Future

Be Safe And Look Forward To the Future

Wuxi No.1 High School

Our presentation is based on two fields, which are the future of cars and responsible behaviors. We mainly elaborated on self-driving, new-energy vehicles, and seatbelt.

The ideas

There are two reasons why I decided to make a presentation on the topic of road safety. Firstly, I was a huge fan of Volvo, and I once read about the story of Nils Bohlin, the engineer worked in Volvo and invented the groundbreaking "three-point seatbelt". What's more, I heard that Nils Bohlin realized the importance of this invention and made this patent free for all car makers to use. I was impressed by this engineer and decided to demonstrate the great engineer and its live-saving invention to the public.
The second reason is based on the real-life experience: I've seen too many passengers and drivers ignoring the importance of seatbelts and refuse to put it on unless it's forced by the law. Some would even say that seatbelt is harmful as it will restrict passenger from escaping after a row-over accident. But there are clear evidence showing that three-point seatbelt has reduced casualties in car accidents significantly. I am hoping that my presentation will change their view on this important device completely and put it into action.

Problems identified and chosen by students to work:

  • Whether the number of casualties in car accidents or the number of car accidents is still high.
  • Cars are still not able to connect with each other to share information.
  • Autopilot is only available on luxurious cars and it's still not as advanced as we expected.

Problem analysis and data collection (choose the method to collect data that you think will be appropriate for you to understand better the problem and identify critical issues that will guide you and give you clues for your action)

  • Number of casualties caused by car accidents in China.
  • Cars fitted with autopilot that are available on Chinese market and their prices.

The initiatives

1. Responsible behaviors:

  • Making a poster explaining the importance of seatbelt.
  • Filming a video showing the difference between using a seatbelt and not using it.

2. The future of motoring

  • We want to understand people's thought in future motoring by making questionnaire to collect the ideas of future motoring.
  • Then we analyze the results and show it to people through digital form poster

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