Be aware of children

School #7

The main aim of our project is to explain how it is important to be attentive on a road. Children are the future of our country, of our world. When drivers do not reduce the speed in front of the pedestrian crossing, they literally risk the future of the nation and even the humanity. 

The ideas

In 2018 our friend Klim was hit by a bus when he was running unexpectedly on a pedestrian crossing near our school.  Such cases are common for our city, according to the statistics. 921 accidents with victims were registered, where 69 people were killed and 1236 people were injured in Perm region during the first 4 months of 2019. Many drivers do not pay attention to the road sign «Caution children» and they do not reduce speed in front of pedestrian crossings near schools, kindergarten etc.  This causes children traffic injuries and even deaths. So, we decided to work on this issue. 

Plan of our work:

  1. Taking into consideration all the information above, we decided to attract drivers’ attention on the road with the layout of a child. The board model was made of a huge photo of a child which was on plywood. We thought that such dummy would increase concentration of drivers on the roads and decided to test our views through questionnaire. We carried out a questionnaire to learn the drivers’ opinion about our breadboard model and the whole situation connected with children’s traffic injuries and mortality in our region.
  2. Our group planned to carry out the inspection together with Traffic Police to observe and record how many drivers paid attention to our layout of a pupil. And the results of this observation are enclosed in Attachments. 

The initiatives

When the layout of a child and a questionnaire were ready, we cooperated with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They corrected some items in our project, we discussed our aims and how we were going to act. Eventually,Traffic Police agreed to cooperate with us. It was very important for us to deal with real specialists. With their help we had a chance to inform a great number of drivers and to hear some recommendation from professionals.

On April, 30 the inspection took place. It showed that our board model of a child could help to increase attention of the drivers and would decrease children’s injuries and deaths. Our views were proved by our research and statistics. Practically all drivers noticed our layout and said that would help to decrease children’s injuries and deaths.

We prepared and gave to drivers the reminders with bright and interesting design and strong and breathtaking context aiming to help drivers to reduce speed before the pedestrian cross near the schools, kindergarten etc. All the drivers took our prepared reminders as they considered them useful.

We think that our project will save many lives. We plan to conduct permanent inspections together with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Police (at least 3-4 times a year).


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