Sigurnost i mobilnost za sve

Sigurnost i mobilnost za sve

I. primary school Čakovec, Croatia

We have the aim of raising awareness of students and the community about the importance of personal behaviour in traffic. The project includes an online course, a competition for students, disseminating information and building a strong community.

The ideas

Our goal is to make family members, friends and other people around us more aware of the importance of responsible behaviour in everyday transport. Our future depends on this behaviour. Is there anything more important than our future, our health and our lives?

With our activities we want to trigger an avalanche that will be seen outside our usual circles, an avalanche so large and powerful that it cannot be ignored by the media, regardless of the latest celebrity gossip. We know how much fun it can be to act, build, create, learn... and we are ready to share our passion.
ICT is the main tool to achieve our goals:
• Raise awareness about the importance of their own behaviour
• Recognise and encourage responsible behaviour in traffic
• Identify and eliminate irresponsible and dangerous behaviour in traffic
• Warn about the dangers of using technology when participating in traffic, reducing the concentration on safety.

Technology shapes our lives but we decide how we use it. We can do a lot more than just share and ‘like’. We can achieve our ‘crazy’ ideas and build services and things that bring joy to others and change the world. It has never been easier to create your own app, build your own robot or design a flying car, so why not try? It is not an easy path, but it is a journey full of creative challenges, a community that provides strong support and a lot of fun. Are you ready to accept the challenge and become the creator?

We want to learn, act and develop by monitoring our environment, recognising the problems and traffic hazards, actively changing on our own behaviour and the behaviour of people around us. We are confident that we learn the most when we create something ourselves. We invite everyone to create their own educational content with instructions and tips on how to behave safely and responsibly in traffic.

The initiatives

Over 700 students and their families across Croatia are actively involved in this project, together with teachers, co-workers from the police, traffic experts, the educational community, journalists, local authorities...

Students from our school have developed an online learning course and knowledge test on the rules of behaviour in traffic for pedestrians and cyclists. We've created a series of educational computer games, quizzes, crosswords, memory games, movies, logo, a website... we designed and printed flyers, posters and certificates for participants.

The participants of our project around Croatia participated in various workshops, discussed problems that we experience in transport every day and how other people put themselves in danger. We have also been discussing and finding ideas and ways of solving our traffic problems to ensure our own safety. Proposals and conclusions are expressed in many different ways: works of art, photography, multimedia, essays, songs, computer games, etc.

All of this content is published on the project website and available for everyone to use. We organised the training of school traffic unit members.

We organised a competition for students from all primary and secondary schools in Croatia in 3 areas: art, photos and multimedia. We gathered over 200 students and almost 350 works from 45 schools. Most of the works are published on the project website.

Our guiding principle is that our work in creating our own educational programs reflects on everyday behaviour. We recognise dangerous and irresponsible actions and raise awareness about the importance of responsible and safe behaviour.

We have scheduled a promotion of the project to the public on 16 May 2014, opening an exhibition of student works and an awards ceremony for all project participants.

Our activities are regularly monitored by information portals, newspapers, television, radio, educational portals, etc. The working methods and achievements of our project have been published in papers, and presented in workshops and lectures and numerous seminars and conferences. Our students submitted the project to a civic education competition, and it was placed among the top 10 projects in Croatia. Project leader Ivana Ruzic was awarded for his work at the international Mipro 2013 conference.

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