Pedestrian Safety Skills

Pedestrian Safety Skills

CO №34

Our project was created to teach children to be able to assess the risks occurring on the roads and to understand how to minimize them. We hope that our initiatives will help our schoolmates to learn pedestrian safety skills.

The ideas

We are a group of students from Tula, School №34. We got the proposal to participate in the project "SAFETY AND MOBILITY FOR ALL" in winter. Winter in Tula is time for sledding. A lot of news on TV about accidents led us to the decision to choose this topic for our investigation. We decided to investigate severe injuries and assess risks at winter sport recreation areas. We tried to analyze how an injury happens and the condition of the equipment and environment in which it occurs.
Young drivers and riders aged 15-25 are more likely to be killed on Europe’s roads than their older counterparts, despite continued improvements in road safety. Road collisions remain one of the highest external causes of death for young people. The risks are especially high for young males and young riders. A lack of experience on the road means that young people are worse at anticipating and reacting to hazards. They are less aware of how best to drive and ride in particular road conditions and situations. This is the second problem which attracted our attention. The third question which we investigated was: "At what age can children walk to school by themselves?"

The initiatives

In many incidents injuries could have been prevented if the participants involved had followed a few simple safety guidelines. We decided to make a video showing some ways to avoid accidents and stay safe while sledding. The aim of the campaign was to inform our fellow students of the value of safety behaviour in order to avoid accidents. We also designed warning signs and put them into the letter boxes and also handed them out to our neighbours.
The key message of our project is "You need to use good road safety behaviour or you could come to real harm". The campaign also demonstrates the correct road safety behaviors. Schools are at the forefront of road safety education and work with children, families and the community to ensure a safe environment. In many countries road safety education is part of education. We can say so about our school. We organized three large-scale events: a game for 5-8 forms with different stations, a play for parents and pupils of the 3-4 forms, an exhibition of posters and children's drawings in the hall, a game for 10 forms to promote responsible behaviors.

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